Razer Nabu Release Delayed

To the dismay of many, Razer has decided to delay the release of the Nabu smartband. This move was made in order to ensure that the band was hypoallergenic. Razer did not want to follow in the footsteps of Fitbit. The latter had to recall their Force band because a number of users complained of getting skin irritation because from it.

Although this is a letdown, especially for those who’ve been looking forward to the Nabu’s release, this is probably a logical decision. After all, a problematic device will only bring more harm than good if it isn’t given a proper check up. Sources say that the Nabu will probably hit the markets by late May or early June.

Hopefully, the device will be worth the extra wait.

Razer Nabu Smartband Overview

Razer has been wowing the tech community with its mind-blowing innovations. Though smartwatches seem to be the “in” thing lately, it seems that the company doesn’t want to go the same path. However, it does borrow heavily from the concept. The Razer Nabu, according to CEO Min-Liang Tan, is a “smart band.”

You get the best of both worlds in the Razer Nabu because it comes off as a cross between a smartwatch and a fitness band. It features two small OLED displays which show notifications and other text. The band is capable of tracking the wearer’s location, altitude, number of steps taken, and other information. Also, it’s compatible with both iOS and Android.

Tan added that the creation of the Razer Nabu would pique the interest of developers. This, in turn, could give way to the birth of augmented reality games.

Expect this baby to be out by the end of the first quarter of 2014.