Martian Smartwatch to be released this June

If none of the current smartwatches in the market have gotten your attention, then maybe the Martian’s retro-chic look would suit you just fine. It was announced that the smartwatch will be hitting the markets this June. It can be paired with both iOS and Android devices. It was created for the gadget enthusiasts who pride in wearing the latest fashion.

With the Martian, wearers will be able to keep track of messages, e-mails and other notifications while sporting a stylish watch. Accessing the different apps is also made easier with the Martian Notifier. Use voice commands to get the latest updates and open certain apps. Everything becomes a lot more convenient with a Martian smartwatch around.

Here’s what Stan Kinsey, President of Martian Watches, has to say about it:

“The outpouring of support that the Martian Notifier has received for design, function and price from press, fans and customers has been amazing and has continued over into this exciting announcement today. Since our launch, we’ve learned that people want their wearable technology, but they also want it to look stylish. We are thrilled to make that a reality.”