Sony: Doors not closed to Android Wear

In an earlier interview with a news site, Ravi Nookala of Sony U.S. told the world that the company won’t be making use of Android Wear. Instead, Sony will be focusing on its own smartwatch platform. Accordingly, since time and resources were already invested in the project, they might as well push through with it.

Presently, brands like HTC, LG, Asus and Motorola have announced that they will be working hand in hand with Android Wear. LG’s upcoming G Watch and Motorola’s Moto 360 are some great examples.

A few days ago, Sony’s official Twitter account claimed that it won’t be saying no to the possibility of integrating Android Wear in its products. “Lots of talk out there today. We’re focused on SW2 & Smartband right now, but door’s def not closed to #AndroidWear – early days…” said the tweet.


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  1. I need a screen replacmente estimate for,a Sony sw2 smartwatchn which accompanied a telcel amigo kit bundle of the xperia z1 and the smartwatch 2, on Mexico.

    I want to know know the price of the replacement and the shipping price and details too

    Thank you

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