Samsung to release a stand-alone smartwatch

The Samsung Gear is definitely a standout in the smartwatch market. However,  many users are also turned off by the way it is only compatible with a Samsung smartphone. This could change though, especially with the rumored release of the Samsung Gear Solo.

According to The Korean Herald, this new device will make its debut in South Korea. It was created in partnership with SK Telecom. As with most smartwatches, calls can be made and received through the watch. Any other features weren’t discussed yet, but the members of the tech community have high hopes for it. Hopefully, Samsung will be able to smooth out the shortcomings of its previous smartwatches with the Gear Solo.

As of now, not much is known about the Gear Solo. Sources claim that the Asian company has filed a patent under the Gear Solo name, so maybe we’ll be hearing about it soon.

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