Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Internal Shots

Some members of the tech community aren’t content with tinkering with apps and such. The team at iFixit actually went the extra mile by “dissecting” the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. If you were always curious about how the inside of a smartwatch looks like, then you can look at the photo provided.

The site also provides a step by step guide on how to properly open the device. Of course, do so at your own risk, especially if you’re unsure of what you’re doing.

What the Gear 2 is capable of doing is no secret, especially since its debut is drawing near day by day. However, it’s always nice to get to see something new. It’s amazing to finally see what powers this small yet useful gadget.

iFixit gave the Gear 2 a high repairability rate. The device was graded with a score of 8/10. Its strap can easily be replaced and disassembling it isn’t that difficult.

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