Pebble Smartwatch Pandora app

Here’s something that the music lovers would love to hear. If you’re on an iOS device, then you should know that it is now possible to control Pandora through your Pebble. An announcement was just made:

Using the Pebble, you can view and change stations, thumb songs up and down, skip, play and pause tracks – all from your wrist! If you already have a Pebble that is paired to your mobile device, you should get a notification that you can install Pandora, or you can start the install process at any time from the Pebble Settings Page.

The most exciting thing about the Pebble Smartwatch is that it will allow easier interaction with Pandora in cases where it hasn’t been as easy to provide feedback while listening. Runners, for example, can >now easily view and thumb or skip a song they are listening to on their watch without missing a step (pun intended). Or, it has great uses in the home for those that are casting Pandora to audio devices or >their TV – you could be in the kitchen cooking dinner while simultaneously thumbing up a song that was playing in your living room.

The Pebble is the first smartwatch ever to get the Pandora treatment. As for the Android users, don’t fret just yet. Sources say that an Android version will be coming soon.

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