I’m Watch SmartWatch Repair & Service Center

The i’m Watch originated from Italy. It was meant to serve as a way to make using your smartphone more convenient. Instead of checking it from time to time, all you’ll need to do is to glance at the watch. It comes in a variety of colors and variants. The cases come in aluminum, titanium, silver and gold.

It’s equipped with a 1.54” color TFT display. It’s compatible with devices that run on Android 4.0+, iOS 4+ and BlackBerry 10+. However, SMS cannot be displayed for BlackBerry. The features require internet tethering via Bluetooth. It has an accelerometer and magnetometer. It supports more than ten different languages.

A 3.5 mm headphone can be connected to the watch. It has built-in speakers and a microphone. It supports MP3 files. Its Lipo 450 mAh battery is rechargeable through USB or a power adapter. With generic use, the watch can last up to five hours.

I’m Watch SmartWatch Support Information
Via Biron, 102
36050 Monteviale (VI) – Italy
Telephone Number : +39 02 92958778
Fax Number : +39 02 92979797
Email Address : info@imsmart.com

Motorola Motoactv SmartWatch Repair & Service Center

The Motoactv is a product of Motorola. It was specifically made for users who were into fitness training. Most of the apps that are installed in the smartwatch center on the monitoring of exercise routines. It features an accelerometer and GPS. It can be paired with a Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor or foot pod via ANT+ technology. Other devices can be synced with the smartwatch via Bluetooth 4.0. It even has a DJ mode that prepares a playlist of songs for workout sessions.

The smartwatch could be connected to an Android smartphone. When paired with a phone, the Motoactv is capable of displaying calls, text messages and calendar notifications. It also supports plugins for Facebook, Twitter and weather applications. The Motoactv runs on Android 2.3.4. It has a 1.6 inch capacitive multitouch LCD display. It has five side buttons: start, music, volume up, volume down and standby.

Motorola Motoactv SmartWatch Technical Support
For general product questions and technical support on your Motorola Motoactv SmartWatch
Please call 1-800-734-5870
Mon-Fri 7AM-10PM / Sat-Sun 9AM-6PM CST

LG GD910 SmartWatch Repair & Service Center

The LG GD910 was produced by LG Electronics. It was officially launched in 2009. The smartwatch is housed in a waterproof metal casing. It features a tempered glass face. It has a 1.43 inch QQVGA display. Navigation can be done through its touchscreen and the buttons on its sides. It has a storage of 2 GB. It runs on LG’s very own flash-based operating system.

A mini sim is needed for the LG GD910. The device supports video calls through 3G HSDPA. It comes with a 0.3 MP camera. It can be paired with Bluetooth headsets. The smartwatch also sports a built-in speaker. Users are alerted with notifications through vibration and/or downloadable ringtones. Other features include a text to speech option that can be utilized with text messages. It also has voice recognition which comes in handy when searching for contacts and making calls. The smartwatch supports over 15 different languages.

LG GD910 SmartWatch Technical Support Number
Call an LG Support Representative on
UK : 0844 847 5454
IE : 0818 27 6955
Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 9am to 6pm / Sunday: 11am to 5pm
Bank Holidays: Close

Hyundai MB 910 SmartWatch Repair & Service Center

The MB 910 is a product of Hyundai, a Korean company. It was released in 2009 in mainland Europe. It mainly supports triband and GPRS.

It has a 1.5 inch, 132 x 176 pixel display. It has a 65k color touchscreen which is protected by a plastic watch casing. The smartwatch has a multimedia player for music and video, a WAP 2.0 web browser, and an email application. It supports Bluetooth 2.0. Connections can be done through a mini USB cable. The MB 910 has an internal memory of 128MB. Due to the limited storage, only 300 contacts, text and picture messages can be stored.

The smartwatch’s screen switches from clock to phone mode. During phone mode, it can be used with a Bluetooth headset that allows hands-free operation. It can last up to three hours of talk-time and up to 70 hours when on standby.

Hyundai MB 910 SmartWatch Support Contact Information
Telephone Number : +43 699 3636 000
Email : office@hyundaitec.com

Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Repair & Service Center

The Samsung Galaxy Gear made its debut last September 2013. It was aimed to be a companion device for smartphones and tablets that ran on Android 4.3.

The smartwatch has a 1.6 inch Super AMOLED display. It has a 1.9 MP camera that supports 720p video recording.It runs on the Android operating system. It features a Single core 800 MHz ARM CPU. The Galaxy Gear has a storage capacity of 4 GB. Aside from the mentioned features, it also has a gyroscope and an accelerometer. It is resistant to dust and to an extent, water. The smartwatch can withstand short exposure to water.

As with other smartwatches, it can receive notifications from its paired smartphone. It can even open content with the Smart Relay feature. S Voice can also be utilized to give voice commands for some apps. Phone calls can be answered or made through the watch.

Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch Support Contact Number
1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)
Mon – Fri: 8am – Midnight (EST)
Sat – Sun: 9am – 11pm (EST)

Pebble SmartWatch Repair & Service Center

The Pebble has an interesting background because it was funded by Kickstarter, a crowd funding website. It is the product of Pebble Technology. The smartwatch was released in 2013.

The Pebble sports a 1.26-inch 144 × 168 pixel display. It features a black and white ultra low-power transflective LCD by Sharp. Other hardware components include a backlight, a vibrating motor, a magnetometer, ambient light sensors and a three-axis accelerometer.

The watch can be paired with both Android and iOS devices. Connection between the devices may be done through Bluetooth. It runs on Pebble Technology’s operating system. The Pebble can be charged with a USB cable that sticks to the watch magnetically. Its battery can last up to a week.

As an added feature, the watch is water-resistant. It can be submerged in water that’s up to 40 meters deep. It has been tested in both fresh and salt water.

Pebble SmartWatch Techical Support

For Pebble SmartWatch Troubleshooting Guide, please see here

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Repair & Service Center

The Toq was produced by Qualcomm. It made its debut in the market last December 2013. The official announcement was made during the company’s Upling event. It is pronounced as “talk.”

The smartwatch is compatible with smartphones that run on Android 4.0 or higher. Like most devices of its kind, users will be able to check texts, emails, calls and other notifications through it. It runs on Qualcomm’s very own operating system.

The Toq sports a 1.55 inch Mirasol display. The screen remains clear even in direct sunlight. This is similar to the screens of E Ink ereaders. It also has a backlight that comes in handy under dim light or in the absence of an external light source. It has a 200 MHz Cortex-M3 microcontroller. Its battery life can last for up to five days. Charging is convenient because it can be done wirelessly through the Qualcomm WiPower box.

Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Support Contact Numbers
Call at 855-GET-1-TOQ (855-438-1867)
Monday – Friday / 10am-7pm Eastern Time.

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Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 Repair & Service Center

This SmartWatch device was launched by Sony last September 2013. It is also known as the SW2. It supports smartphones that run on Android 4.0 or the latest OS. The wristband can be replaced with any other that measures 24mm. Otherwise, a choice can be made between a silicone or metal variant. It sports a 1.3” OLED display. Smartphones are connected to the watch via Bluetooth.

It supports SMS, email and social networking apps. Notifications from these apps can be read through the watch. It also has a calendar function. The smartwatch vibrates whenever a notification is active. The smartwatch can also be utilized as an Android remote. For example, the music player function allows users to start, stop, skip and forward any song that is currently being played on their smartphones.

An added feature to the smartwatch is that it can be submerged in meter-deep water for half an hour.

Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 Support Contact Numbers
United States / For other countries, please click here
‎+1 866 766 9374‎(Toll Free)‎
‎+1-877-7XPERIA (1-877-797-3742)‎Xperia™‎

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