Will.i.am Smartwatch Confirmed

If you’re a fan of Black Eyed Peas member, Will.i.am, then you might want to know that the performer will be releasing his own smartwatch later this year. He said that it might be out by July.

This was confirmed during his appearance at the Alan Carr chat show. He even showed it off to the audience. It’s  a standard smartwatch that allows the wearer to make calls even if they don’t have their smartphones on hand. It also has a music player and it can connect to various social networks. It can even be paired with a Bluetooth headset.

As of now, that’s the only known information about the smartwatch. Hopefully, we’ll get to find out more about it as the launch date nears.

Samsung Galaxy Gear New Ad

You’ve probably heard of the story of Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier. It’s pretty interesting and heart-warming.  It seems that the brand has used this touching story in order to show the importance of technology. You can watch it on Samsung’s official Youtube channel.

Here’s one Samsung has to say about it:

Their amazing story inspired us, and we embraced it to express the idea how Samsung Gear allow consumers to always remain in sync. The connection is not only about the devices. It is about the bigger picture: building better communication between people and the world.

Have you watched the ad? What do you think?

TomTom Smartwatch Released

It’s a fact that most smartwatches in the market have some sort of fitness-related features. However, there aren’t a lot that actually put fitness at the center of its priorities. If you’re a runner who’s looking for the perfect smartwatch to strap on during your runs, then you might want to give TomTom a try. It boasts of being a smartwatch created for the runners.

One of the highlights of the TomTom is that it has a built-in heart rate monitor. This is definitely something useful when you take training sessions seriously. Also, since the brand is quite known for its innovations in GPS technology and satellite navigation, you can expect much from the smartwatch as well. It is able to track location and movement.

Span Smartwatch Concept

The tech community has a whole lot of creative minds . This is evident in the many smartwatch concepts that  have been popping up online. Span is one of the latest ones that caught the attention of netizens.

The guys behind the design wanted to fuse analog and digital. They also took another route when it came to designing the watch face. It features a jump hour movement. (This might take some getting used to for some prospective users.) Instead of putting a modestly sized touchscreen on the watch, the designers opted to put a small metal screen. This is where the notifications will be shown. Also, there’s a good chance that the Span will have a long battery life. After all, it serves more as the classic timepiece we all know than a piece of technology.

Pebble Smartwatch Strap Adaptor

If you own a Pebble Steel, chances are that you’d be open to actually having more freedom when it comes to the straps. Sure, Pebble gives you a choice between metal or leather bands, but that’s about it. It’s always nice to switch straps now and then, especially if you’re into fashion.

Steel Connect will allow Pebble Steel wearers to do just that. It seems nice because you’ll be able to use any 22mm strap on your smartwatch. Here’s the catch: you’ll have to help fund the Kickstarter campaign first.  It isn’t so bad since you’ll get some freebies in return. Plus, the project is nearing its goal. Donate as much as £15 and you’ll receive two Steel Connect sets in return.

Retro Arcade Watch Overview

If you’ve noticed, almost everyone wants in on the smartwatch game. This is why it comes as a surprise that there are still developers who aren’t sold on the idea of overly advanced watches. The Retro Arcade Watch is one perfect example.  It’s the ultimate throwback accessory.

It’s basically a watch, but with a twist. It looks like a little arcade machine. It also has a little joystick! Even the display borrows inspiration from the old school games. You’ll see asteroids and a space ship whenever you check the time. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the fancy lights and sounds. The watch can light up and give off the familiar “pew” sound effects every time you press the “fire” button.

Interested? It’s being sold for $50 at ThinkGeek.

Pebble Smartwatch Fix for Glitch now available

Just a couple of days ago, iOS Pebble users were shocked when their smartwatches suddenly gave up on them after downloading the latest update for the Pebble app. This caused a lot of ruckus, especially in online forums. The wait is finally over though. Version 2.1.1 of the iOS Pebble app can now be downloaded without any worries.

If you’ve been anxious about what to do with a malfunctioned watch, then you need not feel that way anymore. Download it now and get back to using your Pebble in a jiffy. Hopefully, this will be the first and the last time this will ever happen.

MetaWatch Manager Update

Just recently, the MetaWatch Manager app received a quick update. It included a couple of widget tweaks. Surprisingly, MetaWatch users were treated with yet another one. This one includes the Pro Baseball widget. If you’re into the MLB, then you will definitely like this one. Keep up with your favorite team’s progress with your smartwatch. Aside from this, new filters were added for notifications.

That’s basically it. The update isn’t anything major, but it’s nice to see that much effort is being put into the app. Download it now. Take note that this update is available for both iOS and Android devices.

MetaWear Kickstarter

If you think smartwatches are extreme, then wait ’til you hear about MetaWear. Everyone seems bent on packing useful features into small devices. It’s a development board that can be worn. If this pushes through, then it’s going to be the first of its kind.

This little chip houses the following: a Bluetooth 4.0 LE radio, accelerometer, temperature sensor, 256KB of storage with 8KB of RAM. It comes with a vibrator motor and buzzer speaker for notifications.

Of course, such a device isn’t for everyone. It’s pretty advance stuff, but who says the tech community won’t actually welcome this with open arms? Find more information about it on Kickstarter.

Pebble Smartwatch Pedometer

Here’s a notable Pebble app for the fitness buffs: the Pedometer. This is the creation of Jathusan Thiruchelvanathan. The app is free and it can run on its own on the Pebble. You won’t need a companion app for your smartphone for it to work.

Basically, the app takes note of the number of steps you’ve taken and the calories you’ve burned in the process. It comes in two themes: light and dark.

However, the app does have its faults. For one, it won’t keep running once you exit it. The moment you do, the step count goes back to zero. Still, if you’re in need of a pedometer, then this is probably your best bet.

Download Pedometer now from the Pebble app store.