Motorola Smartwatch Flexible Display

Big name companies like Google and Apple have decided to make a stand in the smartwatch market this year. It’s no surprise that Motorola is following the majority’s lead. Recently, news broke out that the company has filed a patent application for a smartwatch that’s equipped with a flexible screen. This innovation is welcomed by many because of the possibilities it would open, especially given the fact that smartwatches have constraints in terms of display size.

However, the patent was filed two years ago. This means that the company has been planning to penetrate the smartwatch market before its competitors even considered it. The patent stresses how the flexible display would allow curved viewing and a bit of bending.

Motorola will have to make their move soon because there is some speculation about Apple releasing a smartwatch with a similar feature.

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  1. i have a motorola motoavtv sport watch with a cracked screen. i am looking to get it repaired anywhere. but i dont know where to take it too. any ideas?

    motorola customer service is some crap! by the way

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