Moto 360 Smartwatch Overview

This is for the Motorola fans. Head designer Jim Wicks has given out a few hints regarding the upcoming smartwatch. This Android Wear device has been the talk of the online smartwatch community, but like all the others that have yet to be released, not much has been revealed about it.

Now, Motorola has taken a different route with their round-faced smartwatch. According to Wicks, this is to provide more usable surface area compared to a square face. The watch will be made with high quality material. This includes a stainless steel bezel and a genuine leather band that can be changed. He went on to say that this is as it should be since the watch will be something that is worn daily.

That’s basically all the information that Wicks offered. The only other bit that might be worth noting is that the Moto 360 won’t have a USB port. It was also stated that battery life will be a priority, so maybe we can expect much from Motorola in this aspect.

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