I’m Watch SmartWatch Repair & Service Center

The i’m Watch originated from Italy. It was meant to serve as a way to make using your smartphone more convenient. Instead of checking it from time to time, all you’ll need to do is to glance at the watch. It comes in a variety of colors and variants. The cases come in aluminum, titanium, silver and gold.

It’s equipped with a 1.54” color TFT display. It’s compatible with devices that run on Android 4.0+, iOS 4+ and BlackBerry 10+. However, SMS cannot be displayed for BlackBerry. The features require internet tethering via Bluetooth. It has an accelerometer and magnetometer. It supports more than ten different languages.

A 3.5 mm headphone can be connected to the watch. It has built-in speakers and a microphone. It supports MP3 files. Its Lipo 450 mAh battery is rechargeable through USB or a power adapter. With generic use, the watch can last up to five hours.

I’m Watch SmartWatch Support Information
Via Biron, 102
36050 Monteviale (VI) – Italy
Telephone Number : +39 02 92958778
Fax Number : +39 02 92979797
Email Address : info@imsmart.com

6 thoughts on “I’m Watch SmartWatch Repair & Service Center”

  1. I own an I’m watch and it has suddenly and for no apparent reason become completely non-functional. When activated, it goes through the boot-up process but afterwards just goes to a blank screen. No amount of re-booting solves the issue and it is not visible on the computer when hooked up via the USB cable.
    Any ideas here?

  2. I’ve go similar problem like Mark. Got new cable from “Apple Store” (im using my cable from my old iPod Shuffle), so after my Watch stay two day without battery he’s now completely dead. It won’t charge! Blank screen and that’s all. I feel i heats a lill bit while i left it on the charger. No change at all. Dark / blank screen. Tried pressing the button from 10… than 15 secs for soft reset – nothing… 🙁
    I’ve got that same problem after i get that watch from the store. Brand new and faulty! 🙁 So i take it back and after 14 days i’ve got a mine back and repaired. Now im experience that same problem.
    Oh, btw before it dies i’ve seen white screen while it charges and that’s was it. I pushed the power button and “game over” … WTF ?
    Can’t find anything on Google. I even can’t see how to disassembly this thing. Usually there’s a lot of articles and stuff. What’s going on with that product? Any Help will be appreciated! Thank you in advance! 🙂

  3. sir,
    i have an cookoo watch and by mistake i dropped it and the glass broke so could you please help me out with some service center no in banglore or nearby states.

  4. Sir
    My watch is blinking white screen,when i bought from online i used only one day second day its compliant, when i press the button its started to blinking, what to do help me please.

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