Pebble Smartwatch Talk2Watch Pro for BlackBerry

Here’s something for the Pebble users. If, by any chance, your smartwatch is paired to a BlackBerry 10 device, then this is good news for you. Talk2Watch Pro has just made its way to BlackBerry World. This version has a number of features that users have been wishing for.

The highlight of all the features is probably the BBM Notifications. It’s still in its earliest stage though. You get notifications, but you are unable to read the BBM message or even check who the sender is. Since the app is fairly new, maybe we can cut the developers some slack. Hopefully, a change will be made soon.

Another feature that’s worth noting is Scriptmode. It simplifies the process of executing a script. As long as you remember the button combination to open Scriptmode, then you’re all set. A list of scripts is then presented to you for easy access.

These are only some of the features. Know more about it in BlackBerry World. It costs $3.99. Also, you’ll need Pebble 2 firmware to run Talk2Watch Pro.

Pebble Smartwatch Appstore

In case you’re late on the news, the Pebble Appstore version 2.0.12 was recently made available in Google Play. Android users may now rejoice. Stock up on all the apps you’ve been wanting to get. Aside from this, automatic updates will be made to the watchapp locker, the user interface and others. Your Pebble or Pebble Steel will also be getting a firmware update.

The Pebble Appstore was in beta for so long, so it’s great that it’s finally official. Of course, since it’s still in its early stages, there is still a lot of room for improvement. This is a great start though. Hopefully, more apps and games will be added as the Pebble smartwatch community grows.

Pebble Smartwatch App

Here’s another reason to love your Pebble Smartwatch: Pebtris. You’ll definitely get waves of nostalgia the moment you play this game. It seems quite convenient to have something to play on the go, especially if it means entertaining yourself with the watch on your wrist.

The gameplay is simple. You’ll only need to navigate each piece with the different buttons available. Once you’re sure about the placement of the piece, simply hold the down button to speed things up.

The game is free to download, so you shouldn’t have any qualms about giving it a try. Ready to play some old-school tetris? Head on over to the Pebble appstore.

Pebble SmartWatch Repair & Service Center

The Pebble has an interesting background because it was funded by Kickstarter, a crowd funding website. It is the product of Pebble Technology. The smartwatch was released in 2013.

The Pebble sports a 1.26-inch 144 × 168 pixel display. It features a black and white ultra low-power transflective LCD by Sharp. Other hardware components include a backlight, a vibrating motor, a magnetometer, ambient light sensors and a three-axis accelerometer.

The watch can be paired with both Android and iOS devices. Connection between the devices may be done through Bluetooth. It runs on Pebble Technology’s operating system. The Pebble can be charged with a USB cable that sticks to the watch magnetically. Its battery can last up to a week.

As an added feature, the watch is water-resistant. It can be submerged in water that’s up to 40 meters deep. It has been tested in both fresh and salt water.

Pebble SmartWatch Techical Support

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