Pebble Smartwatch Companion Update

If you’re a BlackBerry user, be sure to get the latest Smart Watch Companion update. Here is the full list of new features and fixes:

  • UI Tweaks
  • Bug fixes
  • Script mode remote camera trigger
  • Create recharge watch calendar event
  • 3 new user customizable RSS feeds
  • More Authenticator options
  • Authenticator secret keys now scannable via provider issued qr barcodes
  • Cricket Scores
  • Plex Media Center Controller

It’s arguably the best smartwatch app out there for the Pebble, so you should definitely check it out if you don’t have it yet. If you want to take advantage of your wearable device, then Smart Watch Companion would help you do that. It can be downloaded for $2.99.

Pebble Smartwatch Pandora app

Here’s something that the music lovers would love to hear. If you’re on an iOS device, then you should know that it is now possible to control Pandora through your Pebble. An announcement was just made:

Using the Pebble, you can view and change stations, thumb songs up and down, skip, play and pause tracks – all from your wrist! If you already have a Pebble that is paired to your mobile device, you should get a notification that you can install Pandora, or you can start the install process at any time from the Pebble Settings Page.

The most exciting thing about the Pebble Smartwatch is that it will allow easier interaction with Pandora in cases where it hasn’t been as easy to provide feedback while listening. Runners, for example, can >now easily view and thumb or skip a song they are listening to on their watch without missing a step (pun intended). Or, it has great uses in the home for those that are casting Pandora to audio devices or >their TV – you could be in the kitchen cooking dinner while simultaneously thumbing up a song that was playing in your living room.

The Pebble is the first smartwatch ever to get the Pandora treatment. As for the Android users, don’t fret just yet. Sources say that an Android version will be coming soon.

Pebble Smartwatch OS Downgrade

There are times when the need to downgrade your OS is needed. Usually, this happens when a certain issue or bug is encountered. While waiting for the right fix from the developers behind the OS, it might be a good idea to downgrade it for the meantime. Here’s how you can go about it with the Pebble.

  •  Uninstall the Pebble appstore.
  • Download an earlier version of Pebble app.
  • Access recovery mode by pressing back, up and select all at once. Wait for the loading screen to come up.

After completing the above steps, the Pebble will prompt you to pair it with a device and to access the appstore. Friendly reminder that everything that was downloaded onto the Pebble before downgrading will be lost, so proceed with caution.


Pebble Smartwatch Customization

If you’re looking for ways to personalize your Pebble, then you might want to give Pebble Cards a try. It’s something that can be used by both Android and iOS users. Different cards can be added to the watch face. Here is a list of cards that you can choose from:

  • Driving Time
  • Transit
  • Sports Team
  • Battery
  • RSS
  • Stock
  • World Clock
  • Weather
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Calendar
  • Note
  • Custom Link

The theme can also be tweaked. There are two: modern and classic. You can also switch between the day and night theme. These options can be accessed through your Pebble’s settings.

Interested? Check it out on the Pebble appstore.

Pebble Smartwatch Strap Adaptor

If you own a Pebble Steel, chances are that you’d be open to actually having more freedom when it comes to the straps. Sure, Pebble gives you a choice between metal or leather bands, but that’s about it. It’s always nice to switch straps now and then, especially if you’re into fashion.

Steel Connect will allow Pebble Steel wearers to do just that. It seems nice because you’ll be able to use any 22mm strap on your smartwatch. Here’s the catch: you’ll have to help fund the Kickstarter campaign first.  It isn’t so bad since you’ll get some freebies in return. Plus, the project is nearing its goal. Donate as much as £15 and you’ll receive two Steel Connect sets in return.

Pebble Smartwatch Fix for Glitch now available

Just a couple of days ago, iOS Pebble users were shocked when their smartwatches suddenly gave up on them after downloading the latest update for the Pebble app. This caused a lot of ruckus, especially in online forums. The wait is finally over though. Version 2.1.1 of the iOS Pebble app can now be downloaded without any worries.

If you’ve been anxious about what to do with a malfunctioned watch, then you need not feel that way anymore. Download it now and get back to using your Pebble in a jiffy. Hopefully, this will be the first and the last time this will ever happen.

Pebble Smartwatch Pedometer

Here’s a notable Pebble app for the fitness buffs: the Pedometer. This is the creation of Jathusan Thiruchelvanathan. The app is free and it can run on its own on the Pebble. You won’t need a companion app for your smartphone for it to work.

Basically, the app takes note of the number of steps you’ve taken and the calories you’ve burned in the process. It comes in two themes: light and dark.

However, the app does have its faults. For one, it won’t keep running once you exit it. The moment you do, the step count goes back to zero. Still, if you’re in need of a pedometer, then this is probably your best bet.

Download Pedometer now from the Pebble app store.

Pebble Smartwatch iOS Update Warning

In case you haven’t heard, a number of iPhone users who updated their Pebble apps had a huge problem on their hands. For some reason, the screen crashes the moment the update begins. This causes the watch to brick. It left a lot of devastated Pebble users in its wake.

Here’s the official statement:

“Today we experienced an issue deploying version 2.1 of the Pebble iOS smartphone app. We’ve pulled the update from the App Store for now. We’re working with Apple to fix this problem as quickly as possible, and will notify customers when an update is available that resolves the issue. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Please check our forums for more information.”

Did this warning come too late? Don’t fret. The Pebble team is definitely looking for a solution to this problem. Hopefully, this gets resolved soon.

Pebble Smartwatch Notes App

Here’s something for all the Apple users. If you tend to be forgetful about your daily tasks or some weekend errands, then you should give Pebble Notes a try. It’s a must-have, especially if you’re not the kind who brings shopping lists or a planner around. If you think checking your phone’s reminders is tedious, then this simplifies everything.

With Pebble Notes, users will be able to transfer little reminders from their iPhone to their Pebble. It’s quick and efficient. Do you have too much on your hands? Not to worry. All you’ll need to do is to look at your smartwatch. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Interested? Download it now for $0.99. This app is only for iOS 7 devices.

Pebble Smartwatch Development

Do you think that the Pebble needs more apps? Do you wanna try your luck at developing something for this smartwatch? Don’t let anything stop you. Even the team behind Pebble are eager to invite users into development. They even created a video to introduce interested developers.

If you’re interested, you should head on over to You won’t need any software. All you’ll need is your web browser.  Basically, the video will provide a quick rundown on how to go about developing your first project. It’s definitely worth checking out. You’ll only need to spare a couple of minutes of your time, so why not?

Hopefully, this move will be the start of a Pebble community of developers.