Cookoo Watch SmartWatch Repair & Service Center

The COOKOO watch was produced by ConnecteDevice Ltd. It aims to allow users to stay connected even if their smartphones aren’t within reach. The developers dubbed it as a wearable extension of smartphones. Important calls and notifications will never be missed again with COOKOO watch.

The smartwatch comes with the COOKOO Life App. It manages all alerts and notifications that appear on the watch. Users may change the settings according to their preferences. Among the notifications that can be received are calls, social media accounts, calendar reminders, text messages, e-mail and battery status.

Other features include remote photo, one-button music control and find your phone. The COOKOO watch can be paired with devices that run on iOS 7 and Android 4.3. It comes in a variety of colors: Blue, Pink, Silver, Black, White, Green (limited edition). The watch is water resistant. It is housed in a plastic casing and stainless steel.

Cookoo Watch SmartWatch Technical Support
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