Apple Watch Price Speculations

Most people are well-aware of the fact that most Apple devices come with a hefty price tag. This is why it’s surprising that there are actually rumors going around that the upcoming Apple iWatch might be priced cheaper than expected. This speculation is grounded on the prediction that health insurers might be subsidizing the cost of this device.

This is what Timothy Arcuri of Cowen & Co. said:  “we continue to believe it is possible the product (iWatch) is backstopped by some sort of insurance subsidization model similar to the carrier subsidization model for the iPhone.” He added, “We continue to feel this product will differentiate itself with existing wearable products primarily from a health perspective with a number of key innovations including noninvasive blood cell count and blood pressure and other more pedestrian features like heart rate.”

Many sources have also claimed that the iWatch will be a fitness-oriented device.

As for the release date, the device might hit the markets by September. Its speculated price is around $250.

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