Apple Watch Release Delay

2013 served as an introductory year for the smartwatch market. Big tech companies have been joining the race since then. Now that it’s 2014, smartwatch enthusiasts are looking forward to the newest releases, especially Apple’s highly anticipated iWatch.

Though it’s sad to share this bit of information, it seems that some Apple insiders have claimed that the release date for the smartwatch might be pushed back. Accordingly, some manufacturing issues are to blame. It seems that this problem has rendered some of devices unfit for use. Apparently, the manufacturers encountered some hurdles while applying surface treatments to the watch chassis’ metal injecting molding.

This may put a damper on your mood, but do not fret. Apple has faced such issues in the past. The company will surely be able to bounce back. For now, you can rest assured that the iWatch will be released by the end of the year, maybe around the same time as the iPhone 6.

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