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Incorporating powerful technologies into something small enough to wear on the wrist presented some very big design challenges. Which led to even bigger creative solutions. Apple Watch combines a series of remarkable feats of engineering into a singular, entirely new experience. One that blurs the boundaries between the physical object and the software that powers it.

For Apple Watch repair, service centers and customers supports, please see below:

United States : 1-800-275-2273
Canada : 1-800-263-3394

Pebble Smartwatch Companion Update

If you’re a BlackBerry user, be sure to get the latest Smart Watch Companion update. Here is the full list of new features and fixes:

  • UI Tweaks
  • Bug fixes
  • Script mode remote camera trigger
  • Create recharge watch calendar event
  • 3 new user customizable RSS feeds
  • More Authenticator options
  • Authenticator secret keys now scannable via provider issued qr barcodes
  • Cricket Scores
  • Plex Media Center Controller

It’s arguably the best smartwatch app out there for the Pebble, so you should definitely check it out if you don’t have it yet. If you want to take advantage of your wearable device, then Smart Watch Companion would help you do that. It can be downloaded for $2.99.

Pebble Smartwatch Pandora app

Here’s something that the music lovers would love to hear. If you’re on an iOS device, then you should know that it is now possible to control Pandora through your Pebble. An announcement was just made:

Using the Pebble, you can view and change stations, thumb songs up and down, skip, play and pause tracks – all from your wrist! If you already have a Pebble that is paired to your mobile device, you should get a notification that you can install Pandora, or you can start the install process at any time from the Pebble Settings Page.

The most exciting thing about the Pebble Smartwatch is that it will allow easier interaction with Pandora in cases where it hasn’t been as easy to provide feedback while listening. Runners, for example, can >now easily view and thumb or skip a song they are listening to on their watch without missing a step (pun intended). Or, it has great uses in the home for those that are casting Pandora to audio devices or >their TV – you could be in the kitchen cooking dinner while simultaneously thumbing up a song that was playing in your living room.

The Pebble is the first smartwatch ever to get the Pandora treatment. As for the Android users, don’t fret just yet. Sources say that an Android version will be coming soon.

Apple Watch Price Speculations

Most people are well-aware of the fact that most Apple devices come with a hefty price tag. This is why it’s surprising that there are actually rumors going around that the upcoming Apple iWatch might be priced cheaper than expected. This speculation is grounded on the prediction that health insurers might be subsidizing the cost of this device.

This is what Timothy Arcuri of Cowen & Co. said:  “we continue to believe it is possible the product (iWatch) is backstopped by some sort of insurance subsidization model similar to the carrier subsidization model for the iPhone.” He added, “We continue to feel this product will differentiate itself with existing wearable products primarily from a health perspective with a number of key innovations including noninvasive blood cell count and blood pressure and other more pedestrian features like heart rate.”

Many sources have also claimed that the iWatch will be a fitness-oriented device.

As for the release date, the device might hit the markets by September. Its speculated price is around $250.

Thermoelectric generator could lengthen smartwatch battery life

Everyone dreads the moment their gadgets die on them. This holds true with smaller devices like smartwatches. What if the process of charging your smartwatch could become less taxing? Well, a team of researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) are cooking up the perfect solution. A wearable thermoelectric generator is currently in the works. With it, you will be able to generate electricity just by attaching the device to your wrist. It converts body heat into energy.

This is definitely a great development for the world of technology. The researchers at KAIST are also looking into other ways that this innovation could be integrated with. Aside from wearable devices,  thermoelectric generators would be quite useful in cars and other vehicles as well.

Phosphor Touch Time Overview

Do you want a fancy watch but prefer to not pair it with a smartphone? The Phosphor Touch Time might be the solution to your dilemma. The team behind it refuses to label it as a smartwatch, instead, they choose to call it a next generation digital watch.

As mentioned, the watch provides no connectivity. This means that the user will only be limited to the pre-installed apps that are already available within it. This includes, among others, a calendar, alarm, stopwatch, and reminders. If stainless steel bands aren’t really your thing, you may also choose from the different colored straps that the Touch Time is available in. These colors are orange, blue, pink, black, and white.

However, some have criticized how expensive this watch was, especially since it only has the most basic of features.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Messaging App

If you’re looking for a good app that notifies you whenever you get a new SMS or Whatsapp message, then you might want to give Quick Reply for Smart Watch 2 a try. Interested? Follow these steps:

Reminder: This can only be done on a rooted phone.

  1. Download BusyBox from the Playstore.
  2. Under Accessibility Services, enable “Whatsapp Alerts with reply”. Disable other Whatsapp services.

It’s a fairly new app, so there’s still some improvements that need to be done. If you’re willing to give it a try, download it here.

Current App Changelog
– Fixed group notifications
– Alerts show user names in group notifications
– Alerts show “User sent a photo” instead of blank notification when a photo is received
– Fixed the comma bug
– SMS alerts with quick reply
– False notification bug fix
– Incorrect reply bug fix
– Keyboard bug fix

Samsung Gear Fit: A closer look

Just a while ago, the folks at iFixit decided to open up some smartwatches in order to inspect what’s inside. The Samsung Gear 2 received this treatment earlier. Now that the Gear Fit is out, the iFixit team has decided to give it the same treatment. As expected, they were able to see the miniature electronic parts that were kept within it.

The only part that definitely stands out is the Gear Fit’s 210mAh batter. This can be replaced, but it can only be accessed by taking off the AMOLED display first. Afterwards, the motherboard comes next. Of course, care must be taken throughout the whole process.

Check out the full teardown at the iFixit site.

Samsung Smartwatch PayPal App

Big news for everyone who uses PayPal. It has recently released its fingerprint-based authentication system. The release is limited to 25 countries for now. With a swipe of a finger, users may now authorize payments and perform other actions with their smartphone. Currently, this can be done on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Here’s the official announcement from John Lunn of the PayPal Developer Network:

Customers can use their finger to pay with PayPal from their new Samsung Galaxy S5 because the FIDO Ready software on the device securely communicates between the fingerprint sensor on their device and PayPal’s service in the cloud. The only information the device shares with PayPal is a unique encrypted key that allows PayPal to verify the identity of the customer without having to store any biometric information on PayPal’s servers”

An app for the Samsung Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit have also been released. It’s very useful if you want to keep track of your balance, payments and other transactions.